Silver teeth zipper

Daya Silver teeth zipper (C/E, O/E)

Size:3 #, 5 #, 8 #, 10 #

End: C/E or O/E 

Lock way: Auto-lock(A/L), Non-lock(N/L)

Size: from 8cm to 120cm.

Delivery time: fast with large stocks,OEM order is also warmly welcomes.

Quality: OEM ,can be customized with your budget,we have A/B/Standard quality(differ by tape thickness),for different usage.

Application is available for bags, garment, home textile, shoes, etc.

Silver nylon zipper , made of polyester coil, open ended with decorative OEM puller, auto locking, Size: #3, #4.5, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10, #15 (the bigger the size, the bigger the mm width of the coil or tooth.

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No.3/No.5 silver teeth zipper


invisible zipper

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